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 The Heads 
 of the Churches 
 of Jerusalem

 The History 
 of the Church
 of Jerusalem


 and Hopes

Alexander Deriev

Roman Catholics
Apostolic Delegation in Jerusalem and Palestine
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Latin Bishops' Conference in the Arabic Regions
Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land
Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land
Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
Secretariat of Solidarity
Equestrian Order of the Holy sepulchre of Jerusalem
Opus Dei
Pontifical Mission for Palestine
Pontifical Biblical Institute
Ecole Biblique of St. Stephen
Dormition Abbey

This Web site also will try to be a "virtual visit" 
to this most sacred Christian site of Jerusalem.

A view of the Holy Sepulchre


Order CDs
with sound of the Holy Land
produced by the Divine Art 
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The first edition of 
Who is Who 
in the Churches of Jerusalem
was published in 1998 
in Jerusalem.
The second edition
was published one year later
in Moscow.

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from  East View

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Translation by Denis Deriev
Pictures by Studio Ghristo, Photographic Repository of La Terra Santa magazine, and Ghassan Bitar

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